Excelsior Capital, an affiliate of The Excelsior Group, is a premier non-regulated residential construction lender for homebuilders in the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Our group is actively providing capital in the form of construction loans to multiple builders for their models, new inventory and pre-sold homes. As a company formed with private capital, we are able to react quickly on your new loan transaction requests. Utilizing creative structures allows us to meet each transaction’s unique conditions and manage the loan process efficiently to provide maximum value to our homebuilder clients.

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Today we need change, change in the way we capitalize our business. The professionals involved in creating homes account for over 16% of the Minnesota economy, and the lenders they choose to involve in their successful transactions must possess a deep understanding of our industry. Today business success is dependent upon assembling a team of real Pros to efficiently create the funding , to add value for our customers. At JMS we are succeeding because our Team includes the experts at Excelsior Capital! We are proud to endorse the Lenders at Excelsior Capital as a critical ingredient in our Capital Strategies.

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  • Pre-sold Homes
  • Speculative Homes
  • Model Homes
  • Builder Renovations


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Jay Schoo
Jay SchooVice President
Dane Swenson
Dane Swenson Vice President
Tessa Dahm
Tessa DahmLoan Administration Manager
Josh Clark
Josh Clark Analyst