Real estate firm The Excelsior Group returns to the Fast 50 at No. 17 this year with a revenue growth rate of more than 98 percent from 2014 to 2016. Last year its revenue approached $9 million.

We asked CEO Chris Culp:

What’s been the biggest challenge managing a fast-growing company? Finding time to think about what’s next. It also happens to be one of the most fun parts of managing a fast-growing company. Additionally, it’s challenging to keep the culture that made us successful, but, again, meeting that challenge is a lot of fun.

Has the jobs/skills gap impacted your company’s growth? We spend a lot of time working to attract, retain and inspire smart, hard-working, ambitious and nice people to our team. Frankly, with our high standards, it can be a challenge finding the right people. However, when we do, it is very rewarding and it makes it a ton of fun to go to the office each day.

What went right last year? Each year we spend a lot of time, human resources and brain power laying the groundwork for future years. Last year, we had a breakthrough in many of our businesses. We were successful in attracting the region’s premier health care advisory team — Steve Brown, Misty Bowe and Jake Sampson. We were successful in executing our business plan to strategically build a land development business that provides (mostly) single-family home lots to the Twin Cities’ best independent homebuilders, as well as some of the nation’s largest homebuilders. We were also successful growing our multifamily development consulting, branding, marketing, leasing and management business with some of the nation’s most successful developers and owners.

What is your No. 1 priority for the year ahead? We are focused on culture and empowering, equipping and inspiring all of our team members to perform their best work for our stakeholders. Nothing is more important than getting the best people to do their best for our stakeholders.That priority never changes.

What scares you most about the year ahead? We are always worried about maintaining our culture; our high standards; and our ability to identify, attract and retain the most talented, hardest-working, most ambitious and nicest people to our organization. More analytically, we are worried about having enough workers for the Twin Cities’ economy.

Growth rate: 98.57%

2014 revenue: $4,528,709

2015 revenue: $7,409,632

2016 revenue: $8,992,490

Top executives: Chris Culp, Ted Glasrud, Kim Culp

Founded: 2005

Business: Full-service real estate firm

Employees at end of 2014: 55; now: 145

October 19th, 2017  |  By Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal |  Original Article